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Barista Bunny
IT IS ALL :iconkheldrin: FAULT!!!

You know what you did sis....
Shout out to SketchHungry on tumblr as they are the original artist whom started this shinanary of Barista fandom. Go give them love!!
Velvets colors also based of their comic.
How Blake Became A Cat Owner
I blame wholeheartedly my sister for making me a Bumblebee shipper. All. Her. Fault.... It is also her fault that I am now spamming RWBY art. Yup, all her fault. Don't let her convince you otherwise.

Anyway, in my sister's fanfic, One Venti of the Day Please, it is mentioned that Yang always walks Blake home and that Blake also owns 2 Scottish fold munchkins. (lol Blake is Mamma Cat!!!) Anyway, I decided to draw a short little comic combining the two but mail being about how Blake came across the two adorable little rughuggers. Enjoy!

If you wanna join the Shippers Anonymous Club with me, you can read the fanfic here--->…
Blakes Vision
A scene from chapter one of Make You Love Me by DermatologistTested On Archive of Our own. Blake is such a gay disaster it's beyond adorable. :3
You can find it at…

anyway just a quick doodle to prove i'm alive. Just working a lot on drawings, job and what not. Enjoy!!
See you all next time!
2017 New Year Prompts 19-37
Annnnd continuing on...


        19) Joker polishing EDI's shiny metal ass while (futurama) Bender asks if he get's a free polishing job aswell after joke ris finished with EDI


        20) Legion learning about new years celebrations
        21) Shepard and Grunt doing something stupid and dangerous with high explosive fireworks with Kaya's bringing her kids and teaching them earth new years celebration, but Liara has some safety problems.
            ~Liara was so NOT amused...
        22) Kaya Shepard and the Gang all get new years hangovers
        23) FemWarden surana and leliana  with FemHawke and Merrill and let's not forget about Laddy inquisitor and lavellan all on a group date on the eve on the new year, with some romance action


        24) Liara and Isabela meet Ciri and Geralt from the Witcher and hang out
        25) Isabela and Liara complain about how heroic their main characters are
        26) You're awesome.


        27) FreckleShep/Default FemShep sitting on the floor, leaning to a couch, asleep, a colander crookedly resting on her head, a rolling pin beside her and a little blue asari child sleeping in her lap (after a night of playing "reaper hunter" armored with the colander and armed with the rolling pin and building a fort out of couch cushions)
            ~Obvisouly there was a lot of stuff in your prompts that I wasn't able to fit into the sketch due to time restraints but I still hope I drew what you were looking for. :3


        28) Shepard introduces Liara to Aunt Flow
        29) Godzilla and Gamera just don't give a fuck anymore
        30) Various Pokémon cosplaying as various movie monsters
            ~^^^PERSONAL FAVORITE!!^^^
        31) Xenomorph Vs. Racchi!
        32) A squad of krogans holding off a horde of Arachnids (Starship Trooper monsters)


        33) my many hair styles
        34) (prove your hubby wrong!) Isabella showing her perfect rack
        35) penguin and coffee!
        36) Lollygagging Elf and Ah'teen either fighting or doing something together
        37) (oo and just because I'm shameless about my writing) your favorite scene from my latest work, OR something you want to see from my work.

Until the next event!
2017 New Year Prompts 1-18
*oopes, had to delete the original due to some errors, LOL.*
Thank you all for those who participated in the New Year sketch prompt! There were 37 submitted but they were 37 awesome ones!

note: since Poison was generous enough to gift me a 3moth subscription, I allowed for 15 prompts to be submitted instead of 5.

        1) Lara protecting Sam from a Xenomorph.
        2) Canius's best idea of a Xenomorph born of a Vorcha host would look like.
        3) Garrus and the Sniper(TF2) having a mercenary sniping contest on Omega.
        4) Tali getting an irremovable substance on her visor and is effectively blinded.
        5) The Warden bribing Sten into doing something ridiculous in exchange for cookies.
        6) The Soldier(TF2) and Zaeed argue about who is more the gristled war veteran.
        7) The Predator calling a Vorcha an Ugly Motherfucker.
I literally found a font of the predator language and just typed out "your one ugly motherf**ker" :shrug:
        8) Mordin stars in an episode of House as House himself.
And actual House quote I tweaked to sound more Mordin like.
        9) The Qunari Inquisitor gets his/her horns hopelessly stuck on something.
        10) Aria going on a vulgar gaming binge in her bedroom playing Galaxy of Fantasy.
        11) Aela in her werewolf form battling Swiftrunner.
        12) John(DNA) being chased by a varren because it thinks he is a Pyjak, while Jessica watches with amusement.  
        13) The Qunari somehow find themselves on Tuchanka and surrounded by pyjaks.
        14) Liara stumbles across Joker's disturbing deleted browser history in her Shadow Broker files.
        15) Legion contracts a computer virus and is laid up in bed.


        16) Kaya wants to use the toilet where Grunt is just getting out of (just imagine there are no seperated male and female bathrooms on the normandy) and Grunt saying to Shep "Use at your own risk, hehehee" and some very smelly odor is coming out of the toilet.
        17) Kaya wearing Frecklsheps froghat and frecklshep isn't amused about this.
        18) Traynor angrily flipping over the chessboard after she got beaten by a character of your choice.
As promised to about a dozen of hungry people demanding to know when the next one will be, HERE IT IS!! For a limited time only! Starting today threw the 7th, I am taking sketch prompts!

There are some new rules as well!!! So please pay attention!!

:iconyellowcardplz2: New Sketch Prompt Rules!!!!!!!:iconyellowcardplz2:

Bullet; Red I will only accept 5 prompts per person this time around!!

Last time I was trying to beat my record which I did. But Kheldrin and I, very quickly, found that to be the Worst. Mistake. Ever. I mean, you all saw how long it took me to complete 104 prompts. Never. Again.


Bullet; Red As Always my sister Kheldrin will STILL BE my Artistic Drill Sargent. Making sure that I will only be spending 3min per drawing, and also monitoring the submitted prompts. If someone submits more than 5 she will choose 5 of them for me!! You've been warned.

Other things of note:

Since I have a large following of Mass Effect fans, for those requesting Shepard, I will draw my Kaya Shepard unless you ask for Freckleshep (thanks to Fishbone I can never call the default femshep, well, femshep, again!) or MaleShep specifically.
:icontuzkiyesplz:NOW BEGIN THE SHENANIGANS!!! :icontuzkiyesplz:
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Adara K.
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I am a self taught artist who then went to college for it. I love to draw as it is my passion as much as it is my hobby.
Commissions are closed until further notice!!



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hey are you plan doing Commissions any time :)
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Sometime in April is when I plan on opening up commissions. The rest of this month and most of March will be filled with me and family moving into a new home if all goes according to plan. d(^.^d)
shadowdeluna Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Will there a chapter 2 ?????
canius Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Eventually. I have no idea when I'll stop fiddling with the ideas I have for it in my head and put them to paper that is. 
eidylon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for watching. :)
bluesbender Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016
Hi there. Um, I was wondering if you might have a Mass Effect face code thingy for Kaya. It seems to me like you've actually played her for some reason.

I love your comic, read it a ton. IMO Kaya well always been my head-canon Shep. Except for some reason I've never actually played her. I would love to do that some day. If.. you still actually have that code. :$
canius Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the delay in reply. I've been busy it would seem.  >.<
I only have the face code for ME2, as it would seem that with every play threw I have of ME3, I keep changing it from dissatisfaction. Every. Time... :icondizzy-plz:

Anyway it is
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how's it going?
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